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There has hundred of ways and thousands of websites that offer you to earn money online. Which website or path you should choose depends on your target income and talent. Below I have tried to mention few of the ways you can start earning money online from today. 

  1. Paid to click –   Paid to click (PTC) site offers one of the easiest ways to earn some extra bucks every month. Most of the PTC sites have investment plans, though you are not required to invest to earn money there. Just join 10 PTC sites and start clicking ads, completing simple offers, tasks, refer few friends and you will be all ok to earn over $50 every month. But if you want to earn more than that you may need to invest on renting referrals, revenue shares and moreRead the full details here
  2. Paid to survey/Get Paid To –    GPT sites are the sites that allow their members to earn, doing simple tasks. Like surveys, completing offers, search, playing games, clicking adds, watching videos and much more. Read the full details here
  3.  Paid to surf – You can earn some money just surfing websites. Those are called traffic exchanges. You surf or view a number of pages and they usually pay between $0.10 to $0.50 each 1000 pages.  Read the full details here
  4. Paid to promote – How good you are on promoting sites? If you have time and don’t want to do any tough job or you surf a lot in traffic exchange and earn a a lot of credits that you don’t know how to spend, then paid to promote is for you. Read the full details here
  5. Earn money being social – How much time you spend on facebook daily? Which instant messengers are you using the most, yahoo or WhatsApp? What is your favorite for video calling, hangouts or IMO? Which platforms are you using most to call international numbers, skype or Viber? But, sadly none of them earning you anything while they earning billions from their users. If you want to earn for each of the action you do every day on social networks then you must use WowApp, they are paying you for getting socialize, watching videos, doing tasks and surveys, making calls, shopping and even for unlocking your mobile screen. The payout minimum is only $1, by PayPal or direct bank transfer.
  6. Earn money doing mini-tasks – Completing mini-tasks are easy but earning is low from $0.05 to $2 per task. But mini tasks takes a little time to complete. I used Microworkers and Rapidworkers as an employer and their service is good. Minijobs is another fairly new one who offers the same opportunity and looks very promising. As a worker the minimum payout below $10 and you may need two to three days to reach the minimum if you find and do enough jobs. Be sure to not take or submit a job you won’t complete, that will affect your reputation.
  7. Paid to auto surf – This is a very passive way to earn. You join an auto surf site and click on surf and it keeps surfing automatically. You don’t need to interact with it at all. Just give a tab of your browser to run it and it will generate a little passive income for you. Join Ebesucher and Alexamaster for this opportunity.
  8. Earn money surfing faucets – Have you read the article “Earn more than $100 every month for free“? Yes, that’s true. If you are passionate enough to earn and got a PC then you can earn a lot from bitcoin faucets.
  9. Earn money playing games – Playing games is a favorite pass-timer for many of us. How about if you can earn doing it? Read the full details here
  10. Earn money listening and reviewing music  – Musicresearch, Slicethepie and Musicxrays offer you to earn by listening, rating and reviewing music.
  11. Earn money taking selfies – This one is very interesting. You get paid for taking your own picture daily. And a handsome bonus of $610 if you can take and submit it daily for 365 days in a raw. There has daily bonus included as well. Join Timebucks for this innovative earning opportunity. 
  12. Paid to read emails   – Earning money reading emails is not something new. inboxdollars is on this service over 10 years now. And a new site called inbox2cash offers the same opportunity. 
  13. Paid for listening radio – You can earn money listening radio. Join Myfreeshares and Gifthunterclub for this opportunity.
  14. Get paid watching videos – Most of the get paid to sites offer you to earn money watching videos. For the list of gpt sites, visit here.
  15. Earn money from company shares – Myfreeshares pays on per share. It’s just like a company share. Your profit depends on the number of shares you acquire. You can earn shares by clicking ads, completing offers and referring others. You can purchase shares from the marketplace or you may upgrade for more shares.
  16. Get paid to search – How many time you search in google? You may earn some money doing that. Inboxdollars and Swagbucks pay you to search.
  17. Earn money blogging – This is my favorite. If you are an expert on something, it could be business, gardening, games, sports or anything you have passion about, you may start writing about those. Share your experience with everyone. Then monetize your blog to earn some side or full income. Read the full details here.
  18. Matched betting – Betting might not be legal in some countries and also very risky. But matched betting is not risky at all. You may earn $20+ every hour sitting in the home with a very little effort. Read more details here.
  19. Earn money reviewing websites and apps – – a new platform that pays everyday people to review all kinds of websites. Each review takes around 20 minutes and bags you $10 via Paypal.
  20. Affiliate marketing – If you searching the web to find a legit way to earn money online then you must have already heard about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is, where you sell other people’s products and earn a commission for that. There has 1000’s of websites that pay you for selling their products. Few of the best are, Clickbank, commission junction, affiliate window and CPALead.
  21. Become a clickworker – There has quite a few websites available that offer you to earn completing mini works. I have already mentioned a few above but here I want to mention few more that offer different types of mini jobs, like categorizing images, transcribing and translating paragraphs, Clickworker, mturk and Hivemicro. 


Investments (Only invest after mastering, remember investment is always risky)-

  1. Forex trading with Etoro – Have you ever trade forex? Maybe never. But that won’t be any issue if you trade with Etoro. A social platform where you can copy the best traders of the world just by one click. Read the full details here
  2. Trading options – Trading binary option is not a get rich quick scheme. You got no chance to gamble but master it to earn something from it. Some people are earning over $10000 a month but without enough research and strategy, you are warned not to invest. The binary option I use is IQoption. They are the most trusted option trader available.